About us

Based on three continents, Directrium was created with a vision of being firmly rooted in the notion of the Global Village in the 21st century and its resultant realities in business and government.

Increasingly, the traditional structures of national boundaries and cultural limitations have been replaced by a seamless global business and Public Sector environment, eager to share information and ideas.

It is this evolving reality and all of the necessary solutions and ideas that emanate from this dynamic, that is the driving force and centerpiece of our company.

Who we are

George Easaw Joseph

He is a London Resident and has over 35 years of experience in private / public sector, project / organizational planning / management, within manufacturing, international development, publishing, and urban regeneration in both Africa and the UK. During the last 20 years he has carried out these functions at a Chief Executive and board level. He currently leads on the Global sales strategy for a global fuel allocation holder in the Energy sector and is the CEO and principal of Directrium UK.  

Jake Joseph

Brings over 20 years of both Public and Private sector experience primarily in market and business development, culminating in senior management.  Prior to settling in the US, Jake had spent several years in Sub-Saharan Africa working first at KPMG in their interim and final audit department and then for the UN in a Project Management capacity for entities like the Food and Agricultural Organization. He has subsequently worked for over 15 years in the IT sector, specific to the development of service practices, with primary focus on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).  As the catalyst in the introduction and initial creation of these practices, his responsibilities included the development and deployment of service offerings around Enterprise-wide Business Applications in SAP, Oracle, Baan (now-Infor), Peoplesoft, Siebel, Baan-Front Office (Aurum), IBM-Tivoli and Computer Associates.  He has recently been engaged in technology consulting, sourcing and procurement, bringing together organizations, technologies and people for markets in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. He has degrees in Business and Economics and was named a Horn Beck Scholar at the University of Denver.  He currently resides in Parker, Colorado with his wife and daughter and is an avid soccer coach/enthusiast and supporter.

Why Directrium?

In choosing Directrium as a key provider of ideas and solutions, you will benefit from our:

Dedicated Recruiting & HR Solutions Sourcing

With Directrium's customized approach to recruiting, screening and qualifying applicants, you can think of us as an extended arm of your Human Resource function. We work to understand your department’s needs and goals, and can perform the functions for you while your department works on other core functionality to maintain or increase its productivity.

Capacity Planning and Procurement Management

Multiple years in the Global business environment has strengthened our ability to Identify the Best Total Value, by ensuring honest and ethical dealings in creating the framework for competitive responses from the supplier and vendor community by performing the appropriate due diligence. We dedicate the time and effort to undertake the necessary R&D into Appropriate Technologies and Industry Vertical Best Practices.

Customized Service Options

We believe that every manager wants the freedom to determine the best human, capital and material resources for his or her department. The ability to customize service is important. With Directrium, you have the opportunity to manage your staffing and other needs according to your own design. As your business grows, our flexibility, knowledge and experience will be a valuable resource you can count on to help maintain productivity.