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Vertical Industries

Energy Sector:

As global energy resources begin to tighten, it becomes increasingly imperative to shore up supplies of inventory and reserves.  Using all of the available logistical and transportation tools in a timely manner to meet the demands of retail and industrial customers becomes the order of the day. Avoiding interruptions and fluctuations in inventories and capacity will better assure price stability and demand planning optimization. Directrium has the tools and experience to play a vital role in facilitating a smooth and seamless Supply Chain


Business and process efficiencies can provide huge rewards to manufacturing companies. In the areas of Production planning and discrete/process manufacturing, make-to-order quotation processing and repetitive manufacturing, Directrium can provide insightful analysis and research, along with technology acquisition services, and manpower alignment.  

High Tech:

The High Tech vertical has been the most dynamic and often unpredictable sector in recent times. The exponential growth of technologies in practically every area of human endeavor, coupled with the shifts and changes in demography and lifestyle, has necessitated the growing need to respond to a technology hungry world. This technology hungry world is also becoming increasingly mindful of the environmental and finite resource implications and impact of innovation, demanding more sustainable and earth friendly products and services. Directrium provides market research capabilities to help organizations bring to fruition their ideas in a timely and cost effective manner.

Public Sector:

Public Sector, like business, has become an "always-on" operation, with more services available over the Internet and telephone than ever before. Directrium can help provide an easy, economical way to extend Public Sector services to a broader range of constituents, across a wide array of technologies.