Vertical Industries | Capability


Technology & Commodity Sourcing & Procurement:   

Over 25 years of relationships built at the highest levels of Industry and Government, gives us the experience and confidence to research, analyze and  recommend  technology and commodity sourcing solutions along with the their procurement mechanisms.  Our insights and innovative approaches to technology lend itself very well to creating operational efficiencies and differentiators for both the Public and Private sector. These approaches consist of the following:

  • Negotiating and approving all legal and financial instruments and NCNDWA agreements
  • Undertaking all transactional procedure oversight along the entire value chain
  • Identifying Best Total Value
  • Ensuring Honest and Ethical Dealings
  • Creating the framework for Competitive Responses
  • Performing comprehensive due diligence on the supplier and customer community

Public Sector Project Development:

Our extensive research indicates that most Public Sector entities will lend support for mechanisms to facilitate a synchronized approach to learning and development consistent with the notion of seamless government, aligning services, and improved systemic performance. Such mechanisms would ensure that learning and development strategies are more responsive to Public Sector and Government priorities.

This would also allow the Public Sector to identify and address apparent and emerging gaps in workforce capability as a result of economic, demographic and sociological trends (for example, the aging workforce, youth recruitment, population shifts etc.)

Human Capital and Executive Search:

Given that people are the central factor in any public or private sector endeavor, Directrium is committed to supplying a wide range of workforce solutions, providing companies and people with the appropriate skills, and delivering superior performance that can be accurately measured and assessed. We achieve this through our processes of Skill Assessments, Cultural Assessments and Industry-Knowledge Assessments. The following evaluation tools are skillfully used to assess and differentiate both the level of proficiency and skill as well as the experience.